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Follow their Instagram accounts to be updated about them! Just don't be shocked if they post some embarrassing pictures! Very Happy

Choi Jonghoon - ftgtjhc

Lee Hongki - skullhong12

Lee Jaejin - saico0111


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News and Info 20130626_1372241107_65284700_1_59_20130627140303

At the end of February, Bride of the Century, starring Lee Hong Ki from You're Beautiful, will finally air in Korea, and you can watch it exclusively here on DramaFever. In anticipation of the drama, we were lucky enough to interview Kim Sora, who plays Choi Kang Joo (Lee Hong Ki)’s mother.

You may be familiar with Kim Sora's face because she has played unforgettable K-drama mothers in such hits as The Princess’s Man, Big, Nice Guy, and Jang...

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News and Info 201311181123773199_52897a393667a_59_20131118113401

Band FT Island Lee Hong-ki confessed about his real drama 'Chungdam-dong 111' that "I first thought why should I do this drama."

On 18th 8:30AM, Lee Hong-ki appeared in the tvN drama 'Chungdam-dong 111' press conference at Chung-dam CGV M Cube Sinsa, Kangnam-gu Seoul and confessed, "Honestly, at first I didn't know why I had to do this drama. What is this program for. Why is FNC doing this."

He added...

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News and Info 201311142111773422_5284c0c474455_59_20131114212405

Group FT Island Lee Hong-gi confessed he has a girl friend. The authenticity of statement is raising curiosity.

The tvN real drama 'Chungdam-dong 111' posted a preview of FT Island members chatting via their official YouTube channel. Lee Hong-gi confessed in this video, that he has a girlfriend and did not date for long.

When the production crew saiys "Lets go from saying you have a girlfriend part."...

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Let’s take a sneak peek into FTIsland’s new album THE MOOD through its styling. The title track ‘Madly’ has a monochrome concept! The drummer Choi Min-hwan shares with you “FTIsland’s fashion diary.

News and Info 105054924_%25BB%25E7%25C1%25F81_%25B4%25DC%25C3%25BC

Hello. This is the drummer Choi Min-hwan of FTIsland. Ahead of our comeback, we tried taking out FTIsland’s own true nature as a band based on monochrome styling. Photographer Mok Na-jeong was with us to help us carry out our mission before...

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F.T. Island have begun the series of teasers leading up to their 5th mini-album 'The Mood'! They had already revealed a teaser image and the teaser site. Now, they have released a radio teaser video in which a pretty girl seems to be alone in the middle of nowhere with a painting easel and a radio playing out bits of F.T. Island's previous hit songs.


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FTIsland (Choi Jong-hoon, Lee Hong-ki, Lee Jae-jin, Choi Min-hwan, Song Seung-hyun) is to release ‘THANKS TO’, an album to celebrate their sixth anniversary of their debut consisting of their self-composed songs, and come back with ‘Memory’, the title track composed by Lee Hong-ki, in Korea. They visited Turkey on the schedule of four days and three nights. The drummer Choi Min-hwan tells you the story through photographs on their trip to Turkey they visited for the recording of a TV music show.

FTIsland, who is scheduled to have a solo concert to celebrate the sixth anniversary...

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News and Info 110123152_10832

One of the most common icebreakers is the question, “What type of music do you like?” When you share your favorite music with others, you feel closer to them. It feels like you can see about a half of his world or something. Here, let us share the music list cherished by FTIsland with a feeling of peeking into the world where FTIsland is living.

News and Info 110137560_10590

Choi Jong-hoon...

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The marriage of FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi and Fujii Mina on MBC Every1’s We Got Married is still in demand despite ending two months ago.

According to Japan’s Tower Records, Lee Hong Gi and Fujii Mina’s We Got Married – Global Edition DVD ranks number 1, 2, 3 in the DVD pre-order charts as of September 1.

News and Info 45077002

With a total of 15 episodes, each DVD includes five episodes and is set for a December 4 release. It will include the original sound with Japanese subtitles....

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Hello, this is an announcement of FNC Entertainment.

Pre-ticketing service of FTISLAND concert on September 28 and 29 for PRIMADONNA members is delayed.

Deadline before delay: Aug 7th, 2013
Deadline after delay: Aug 12th, 2013 (only for PRIMADONNA members)

[Concert Date]
September 28 and 29, 2013 (Two days)

[Pre-Ticketing Date]
Mid-August (Ticketing web site will be announced after)
- Only 2 tickets are allowed per one person.

- The time limit to join PRIMADONNA for pre-ticketing is delayed from Wednesday,...

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News and Info FT-Island_1375161733_af_org

F.T. Island's 11th Japanese single, "Theory of Happiness", grabbed the #1 spot on Japan's Oricon Daily Chart!

Following its release on the 24th, "Theory of Happiness" rose to the top of Oricon's Daily Chart on the 28th. The single also previously swept ringtone charts ahead of its release.

F.T. Island will perform at the Japanese rock festival 'Summer Sonic 2013' in Tokyo and Osaka on August 10-11.

Congrats, F.T. Island!

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Hello. This is an announcement from FNC Entertainment.
There is going to be FTISLAND concert on September 28 and 29!

Ticketing for concert will open on mid-August and pre-ticketing service will be provided to PRIMADONNA members in advance. Please check out the following notice to prevent any misunderstanding.

[Concert Date]
September 28 and 29, 2013 (Two days)

[Pre-Ticketing Date]
Mid-August (Ticketing web site will be announced after)
- Only 2 tickets are allowed per one person.

Pre-ticketing is only for the official...

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News and Info 201307121538779844_51dfa5d16b80c_59_20130712154904

[OSEN=Lim Young-jin] FT Island's Lee Honggi's debut book "Lee Honggi Nail Book" will be released on the 12th.

"Lee Honggi Nail Book" is about the unique subject of male nail art. Even before it was released, it has been the center of much attention for over a month, taking over the pre-sale order charts in Korea and Japan.

"Lee Honggi Nail Book" ranked first for two days straight in the Kyobo Book pre-sale order chart and was the top bestseller...

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Lee Hong Gi and Mina Fujii, virtual couple of the We Got Married - Global Edition, will be releasing a duet together.

The song, titled The Two Of Us, previously made issues across the web after it was briefly played on an episode of We Got Married - Global Edition.

News and Info 40501002

The Two Of Us will be the last OST piece to be released for We Got Married - Global Edition. Both Lee Hong Gi and Mina Fujii lend their vocals to the song, while Lee Hong Gi especially provides a release...

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News and Info 789471354

Source: mwave
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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FT Island will be the first Korean team to appear on Fuji TV′s Mezamashi Live for three years in a row.

FNC Entertainment announced on July 10 that "FT Island will be participating in the Mezamashi Live event, to take place at Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan, on July 28."

News and Info 71382569

Mezamashi Live is an outdoors summer festival that Fuji TV hosts every year, and this year will involve 24 teams to perform from July 13 to September 1. FT Island will be the only Korean artist in the...

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Idol who seems to have the biggest social network in the K-pop industry:

2. 2PM - Ok Taecyeon
3. VIXX - N
4. BoA
5. MissA - Min

Source: Pops in Seoul
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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FT Island′s upcoming 11th single Siawase Ori has already been sweeping Japan.

According to the July 3 chart of Japanese music site Dwango, FT Island′s Siawase Ori was no. 1 on the K-Pop Daily Ringtone Chart.

As soon as the music video was released, it also nailed no. 1 on the same day.

News and Info 52844849

The title Siawase Ori combines the Japanese word for happiness, ′siawase′, with ′theory′, and means ′The theory of happiness′.

The song will be the ending...

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FT Island Lee Hong Gi′s Nail Book has been gathering great popularity in Japan.

The Japanese and Korean versions of Lee Hong Gi′s Nail Book appeared in the top two ranks of Tower Records′ Magazine/Book Presales Chart for July 3.

News and Info 36026087

In the book, Lee Hong Gi not only talks about his philosophy behind his nail art, but also many stories he has to tell about his involvement with the art.

Both versions of the book will be released on July 12, and presales...

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FT Island has Lee Jae Jin′s back, and it has a picture to prove it.

FT Island′s Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Hong Gi, Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun attended a running of High School Musical, which stars Lee Jae Jin, on July 3. They went to see Lee Jae Jin before his performance backstage to make him feel more comfortable, and then stayed to watch the entire show.

News and Info 57704054

Lee Jae Jin first performed as Troy in the musical on July 2.

Before his second performance, he commented, "I feel...

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News and Info FT-Island_1372514625_af_org

F.T. Island's song from 2 years ago has suddenly taken the #1 place in Taiwan!

Their labelmate's Yonghwa saw his OST songs shoot to the #1 place in Japan, and suddenly, F.T. Island's "I Confess" from their 3rd mini album 'Return' (released in 2011) shot up to #1 on FETNet Telecom's ringtone charts.

The song's composed by Jonghun, and one reason for the sudden attention may be because Hongki sang it for his on-screen wife, Fujii Mina, on 'We Got Married:...

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News and Info BNiHeS2CUAAuh8r

Notice of FTISLAND Lee Honggi’s [LEE HONGGI NAILBOOK] Release (+Pre-order)

Hello, This is FNC Entertainment.

July 2013,...

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News and Info Tumblr_mos34jUDCX1rp3yueo1_500

F.T. Island's Jonghun bared his upper body for 'Elle'.

He teases us by covering up his abs but in the process he shows off his chiseled shoulders and chest, taking the breath away of fans and making girls swoon. He put his hair up and wore...

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News and Info Ftisland

FT Island has taken to the streets to promote their new Japanese album with trucks wrapped with their album jacket image and autographs.

Recently, a photo of FT Island members posing in front of their promotional truck was uploaded on an online community board. The truck was prepare for the promotion...

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News and Info FT-Island-Hongki_1371127763_af_org

F.T. Island vocalist Hongki has scored big with his photo book for the film 'Passionate Goodbye' ('Phoenix: The Song of Promise') in Japan.
According to Tower Records Japan, the photo book featuring Hongki topped the books-magazines...

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[NEWS] 130606 F.T. Island's Minhwan makes his royal entrance at the press conference for musical remake of 'Goong'

News and Info Ft-isl10

On June 5, F.T. Island's Minhwan graced Tokyo's K-STAGE with his presence at the press conference for the musical remake of the hit K-drama 'Goong' ('Palace', 'Princess Hours').

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Hongki discusses his thoughts on comparisons between F.T. Island and labelmate CNBLUE

News and Info Cnblue10

It's no secret that F.T. Island get compared to their labelmates CNBLUE, and Hongki finally came out to reveal his frustration about it.

On the May 22nd broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star', the MCs jokingly poked fun at the rivalry between the two groups a...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mmy7lsBgpc1qz4rgp

We are proud to announce FTISLAND 2013 TAKE FTISLAND IN HONG KONG will be held on AUGUST 17, 2013 (Saturday).

Venue: Asiaworld-Expo Hall 10
Time: 8PM
Ticket prices: HK$1380, HK$1180, HK$880, HK$680, HK$480, HK$280 (all seated)

Tickets will go on sale through HKTICKETING from 21 JUNE 2013, 10am (Friday).


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August 10, Rainbow Stage: FT Island & CNBLUE

Tokyo Line-up: http://www.summersonic.com/2013/lineup/index.html

Ticket Price:

1DAY TICKET \15,500 Yen
2DAY TICKET \28,000 Yen


August 11, Flower Stage: FT Island & CNBLUE

Osaka Line-up: http://www.summersonic.com/2013/lineup/osaka.html

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FT Island′s Lee Jae Jin will be going back to high school for High School Musical.

Lee Jae Jin has been cast in the lead role for the musical, which will land in Korea with its first performance on July 2. The musical is about the love, concerns and passion of young students enjoying living their dreams, expressed with stylish music and energetic choreography.

The original musical TV movie aired in 2006, and the story has since broken numerous records on the small screen, the big screen and in musicals.

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FT Island's Jaejin, Super Junior's RyeoWook, and Kang Dongho will be sharing the role of Troy Bolton in High School Musical Production.

Discover the rest of the cast in this video

credit: KAvenyou @ Facebook

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[NEWS] 130507 Which Idol Star Has the Weirdest Obsession?

Hongki got the first place for having the "Weirdest Obsession"

News and Info Wierd10

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/star/poll/list.m
Re-post: joyreignz@ftislandphilippines

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[NEWS] 130507 FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Rates His Acting 5 out of 10

With his first movie premiere slowly approaching, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi rated his own acting at the movie’s production briefing session.

On May 7, Lee Hong Gi and the cast and staff of Passionate Goodbye attended the movie production briefing session at the Lotte Cinema located near Konkuk University.

News and Info 46264_11

Acting as the trouble-making idol singer, Choong...

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FT Island will be releasing its third studio album in Japan in June.

Through its official webpage, the band announced news about the upcoming album. The album, titled Rated FT, will contain a total of 11 tracks including You Are My Life, Polar Star, Top Secret, Choi Jong Hoon′s self-written track Hold My Hand and Lee Hong Gi′s track Orange Sky.

News and Info 35720002

Orange Sky has especially been drawing attention as the ending theme...

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[INFO] 130504 [MWAVE POLL] What type of Idol Star is perfect for you?

Because of his "Little Devilish" type of character, Hongki got the first place for the “Perfect Type of Idol star"

News and Info Devil10

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/star/poll/result.m?poll_seq=94
re-post: joyreignz@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info 20130503_hongki_fujiimina-600x400

Fujii Mina and Hongki recently held their wedding photoshoot for ‘We Got Married: Global Edition‘.

Hongki couldn’t hide his awe when he saw how beautiful Fujii Mina was in a wedding dress. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling and said, “She’s normally beautiful, but she was even prettier when she had on a dress. She looks like Athena.” Hongki couldn’t stop telling her, “You’re so beautiful“.

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We Got Married Global
News and Info Wgm10

[by Cho Suyoun] In the fifth episode of ‘We got married: Global’ Lee Hong kim and Fujii Mina shoot couple wedding pictorials.

Famous couple in ‘We got married: Global’ Lee Hong ki and Fujii Mina shoot wedding pictorials in upcoming episode. Fujii Mina especially looked so gorgeous in a wedding dress that Hong ki was amazed by her look. Lee kept telling her how beautiful she looks.

Fujii Mina said during the interview that “It was the first time I wore a wedding dress so I was a bit nervous but...

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[INFO] 130427 [MNET POLL] What was the most memorable performance of Global MCD ? (JAPAN,Thailand)


News and Info Poison10

credits: http://mwave.interest.me/poll/video/result.m?poll_seq=23
re-post: joyreignz@ftislandphilippines.com

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[INFO] 130423 [MNET POLL] Who is Your Favorite Idol Actor of the Moment?

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[INFO] 130420 [MNET POLL] What was the most memorable performance of Global MCD ? (JAPAN) (2 Choices)

FTISLAND-Like The Birds got 1st for "What was the most memorable performance of Global MCD?"

News and Info Fti110

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/poll/video/result.m?poll_seq=19
Re-post: joyreignz@ftislandphilippines

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[INFO] 130420 [MNET POLL] Which Idol takes the best airplane Selcas?


News and Info Hongki10

Source: MWave Site
Re-post: joyreignz@ftislandphilippines

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[NEWS]Are the Leaders of CNBlue, AOA, and FT Island Forming a Unit Group?

News and Info 16460012

When FNC Entertainment, the agency that houses idol band groups CNBlue, AOA, and FT Island, uploaded a photo of Jung Yong Hwa, Jimin, and Choi Jong Hun together on their website, the question immediately was “Are the leaders...

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FTISLAND held their first concert in Beijing on 13 April.

According to their management company, FTISLAND took the stage in their best condition at the concert held at Beijing Olympic Stadium, which is part of their “TAKE FTISLAND” Asia tour.

“It’s been a long time since their previous concert held in Shanghai, China on 19 January. The members fully enjoyed the concert and devoted all their energy on stage.”

In addition, the members also revealed new hairstyles on stage. Especially Lee Hongki who drew attention with his new hairband style.

The members...

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1. FTISLAND's Lee Hongki
2. 2NE1's Sandara Park
3. B.A.P.'s Zelo
4. SNSD's Taeyeon
5. JYJ's Park Yoo Chun
6. Shinhwa's Jun Jin
7. Jay Park

Source: MNET
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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Hello, This is FNC Entertainment.

We just opened the official FNC Entertainment facebook, and soon it will be filled up with plenty of updates about our artists.

Please “Like” our facebook page and stay connected with the latest updates. Thank you.

----> theofficialfnc

Source: FTISLAND Official Facebook
Re-Post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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1. SS501 - Kim Hyunjoong
2. Super Junior - Choi Siwon
3. SHINee - Minho
4. Bigbang Taeyang
5. VIXX - Hongbin
6. JYJ - Jaejoong
7. Boyfriend - Jeongmin
8. U-Kiss - Kiseop
9. EXO-K - Suho
10. 2PM - Taecyeon
11. Infinite - Sungjong
12. Nu'est - JR
13. SHINee - Taemin
14. U-Kiss - Kevin
15. EXO-K - Kai
16. Bigbang - GDragon
17. Super Junior - Donghae
18. CNBlue - Yonghwa
19. Infinite - Woohyun
20. MBLAQ - Joon
21. BtoB - Minhyuk
22. Super Junior...

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1. KARA - Bye Bye Happy Days
2. BOYFRIEND - Melody of Eyes
3. Supernova - I Want To Hold Your Hand
4. Kis-My-Ft2 - Kiss Your Mind
5. FTISLAND - You Are My Life
6. RADWIMPS - Dreamers High
7. MBLAQ - MONA LISA - Japanese Version [CD + DVD + Mini Photo Album] (Limited Edition A)
8. AMOYAMO - LIVE/MAGIC (Regular Edition)
9. NICO Touches the Walls - Mr. ECHO (Regular Edition)
10. Himekyun Fruit Can - Buzz Word


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Lee Hong Gi′s big screen debut piece Passionate Goodbye (previously Our Heaven) will be premiering in Japan in June.

On March 29, local Japanese outlets reported that “K-Pop rock band FT Island vocalist Lee Hong Gi′s first piece in a lead role, Passionate Goodbye, will premiere in Japan on June 7.”

In Japan the film will be released under the title Phoenix, the Song of Promise.

News and Info Tumblr_inline_mkkr3vIseR1qz4rgp

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News and Info BGlsTcbCIAAdXjs


MBC every1 - 130407 (Sun) 11:30 PM (KST)
MBC QueeN - 130409 (Tue) 11:00 PM (KST)
MBC MUSIC - 130409 (Tue) 11:00 PM (KST)
MBC Drama - 130414 (SUN) 1:00 AM (KST)


Animax - 130407 (Sun) 5:00 PM

Hong Kong:

Animax - 130407 (Sun) 7:30 PM


Animax - 130406 (Sat) 7:30 PM

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