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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:06 pm

Hello fellow Pris! Let’s all welcome DECEMBER! What’s with December??? December is our beloved Goatie Jaejin’s month!

Thus, FTISLAND Philippines is here again to bring you another cool project open to ALL PRIMADONNAS, ALL OVER THE GLOBE!

Presenting, so far the cheesiest contest of the team #MBC



Contest Mechanics:

1. Share your story on HOW YOU BECAME AN FTISLAND FAN and made you say that I’M A PROUD PRIMADONNA! Post your story on our forum under the “The Cool Vs The Pretty” thread as a new topic. Forum link is http://www.ftislandphilippines.com. Title of the topic should be [FTISLAND, you’re THE ONE] YOUR TITLE. Also include the Title of your entry on your story post. Post your story using HIDE commands.


[hide] I became a fan of FTISLAND when saw them performed live. Then, I saw Seunghyun smiled at me, as if my whole world collides and suddenly I saw fireworks and bang... I’m in love [/hide]

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on how long your story is, as long as it is based on your own experience and it came from the bottom of your heart . Thus, this will bring out all the cheesiness and craziness on our fellow Pris. We require all the entries to be posted using HIDE commands so they will not be seen by the other contestants. Reply command will also be disabled. Only you and the FTIPH’s badwomen will be able to see your entries. You will not be able to see other contestant’s entries as well. NO CRITERIA for judging as this will be based upon the judgment of the FTIPH’s badwomen. Sincerity and a Primadonna heart will be considered however.

Only one entry per person, please give chance to others ^^.

2. DEADLINE of entries will be until Jaejin’s birthday December 17, 2011 23:00 KST.

3. Winners will be announced on January 01, 2012 23:00 KST. There will be THREE (3) lucky winners.

4. Entries will be judged by the 5 badwomen of FTISLAND Philippines. They will be compiled under one topic on the announcement of the winners day and results meter will be as follows:

40-31 FLY me to KOREA. I’m gonna marry them.
30-21 I want you! I’m in love~~~
20-11 My heart goes doki doki!
10-0 They made me blush

5. Prizes would be ONE PLAY FTISLAND CONCERT GOOD for each 3 lucky winners. Shipping will be shouldered by the community admins.

You may now ask @FtGtJH for some love and cheesiness advice for your stories. We are all excited to see how our dear Primadonnas fell in love with our Treasures. We’ll look forward to your entries. Aja Aja Ganbatte!!! ლ(❛◡❛ლ)”

Loli’s Tip: According to my Chemistry teacher, chocolate is full of Phenyl-ethyl-amine also tagged as "love-chemical". Eating chocolates might help a bit to give our fellow Pris a “love” feeling when writing your stories. Oh well, just thinking of chungxuan is enough to make me feel in love... (#don’tmindthis)

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