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[FAN PROJECT] “Aja! Aja! Ganbatte FTISLAND” Letter Project [DONE]

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[FAN PROJECT] “Aja! Aja! Ganbatte FTISLAND” Letter Project [DONE] Empty [FAN PROJECT] “Aja! Aja! Ganbatte FTISLAND” Letter Project [DONE]

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:35 am

F.T. Island recently held their Beautiful Journey tour in Korea and recently released a new Japanese Single “So Today…” with hall tours to follow. And let’s not forget that Minhwan just turned 19 years old and Jaejin will celebrate his 20th birthday in a few days.

To express your appreciation towards our boys, we are calling all fan girls and boys to join Fan Project: “Aja! Aja! Ganbatte F.T.Island!” Letter Project.

1. Make a message - Use simple English. As we know, they have a grasp in (simple) English but please don’t make their nose bleed. Keep it short and simple. No marriage proposals please Razz
2. Use art - Make it colorful and fun. You may include photos of yourself or any F.T. Island centric photos in the message. You may use Adobe or anything like it ^^,
3. Picture - Take a picture of your message, or better if you scan it. We will have it printed in size 4R picture.
4. Send - Send us the link or the picture format thru ftiphil[at]gmail[dot]com or post the link as a comment.

Sample of previous project, “Comeback Project” here

click to see delivery of “Comeback Project” at Singapore Kpop Con Night

Deadline: December 31, 2010

DONE <s>For those going to the Philippine Kpop Convention on December 11 (Saturday), you may drop your letters at the Primadonna Philippines (PDPH)/Oh Wonbin Philippines booth.</s>

Note: There will be a separate announcement for “Welcome Back Won Bin” project from Wonbinism International Fan Club.

We will be collating and organize all the messages after the deadline. We will send it to FnC by January thru a trustful courier… we don’t want our (all of us) dedications go into the hands of wrong people Smile

You may share this info to your fan friends too, local or international.

Thanks Pris! Aja, aja! Ganbatte!!

admin, FTIsland Philippines

This Fan Project is lead by FTIsland Philippines (Int’l forum) in partnership with Primadonna Philippines (Fan Club) and Oh Wonbin Philippines (Fan Club).

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