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[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE]

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[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] Empty [FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE]

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:46 am

TITLE: Five Treasures Manga Book
WHAT IS IT ABOUT: Picture the comic books/manga you read, you should get the idea Very Happy So how do we go about doing this?

Download any one of the templates below, and fill up the boxes with photos/screencaps/Photoshopped pictures of any of the boys (group or solo)and create your own manga page! You can also insert your own photo(s) if you wish to.The main idea is to showcase your love and affection for our precious treasures!


Here's a step-by-step guide:
[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] Guide000
[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] Guide001
[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] Guide002
[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] Guide003-1

After all the entries have been collated by the FTIPH team. They will be submitted to the FTISG team and all entries will be sent to a professional company for printing and binding.
The end product will look similar to this:

[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] W3n4
[FAN PROJECT] Five Treasures Manga Book [DONE] Ypk5

Important Note:
* Please keep your work within the given margin. DO NOT, in any way, change the canvas size.
* You can choose to do this with friends, or on you own. Either way you get one full page.
* Each page owner is to contribute a minimal amount of PHP70 for printing of the photobook.
* It will be nice if you include your name at the bottom of your page, so to let the boys know.
*Deadline for submission is on MAY 28, 2011.

This project is led by FTIsland Singapore (FTISG) in cooperation with FTIsland Philippines and other FTIsland communities. A large scale project involving Primadonnas all around the world!

Filipino Primadonnas & Primadudes, we must show FTIsland how much they are loved here in our country. We do look forward for your participation on this project. ^^. Moreover, this project will be given when FTISLAND visits Singapore this July for the Korean Music Wave 2011.

For any inquiries and for payment details just give a mail to ftiphil[at]gmail[dot]com.

Show the boys your creativity Primadonnas!!! Aja Aja Ganbatte!!!

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