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[FAN GATHERING] Seunghyun Rocks On!!! [DONE]

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[FAN GATHERING] Seunghyun Rocks On!!! [DONE]

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:24 am

On behalf of the organizers, the Hongkidaily noonas, we would like to thank everyone who attended our simple birthday bash for our dear maknae Seunghyunnie~~~.

Thus, if you enjoyed the parthee may we kindly ask for your help to spread the love....and share your pics, experiences, and hoarding Laughing on the parthee...The organizers would be glad to know your thoughts and feed backs. It would help us gain more ideas for .... *whistle* future events... Minah-Jin birthday bash...How's that everyone Smile

Here is my favorite happiness pic of the event....Momo love... Razz

credits: malditang jen


More pics credit to malditangjen and leiyah

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