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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mketmqwQoQ1qz4rgp

K-pop groups have taken over the Oricon charts!

ChoShinSung (Supernova), KARA, F.T. Island, and Boyfriend took 4 out of the top 5 spots for the Oricon Daily CD Singles Chart.

ChoShinSung took #2 with “Dakishimetai“, and KARA was below them at #3 with “Bye Bye Happy Days“. F.T. Island followed at #4 with “You Are My Life“, and Boyfriend was 5th with “Hitomi no Melody“.


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1. FTISLAND - You Are My Life
2. Supernova - Dakishimetai
3. kis-my-ft2 Kiss Your Mind

Credits: タワーレコードインフォメーション
Trans & Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mk1yz5spSx1qz4rgp

22 idol groups (70 idol stars in total) participated in a survey entitled ‘Best Idols’ by ‘Sports Donga‘ to cast their votes in five categories: Best Vocalist, Best Rapper, Best Dancer, Best Ulzzang (Best Visual), and Best Star Factor/Talent.

Check out the results below as well as the reasons some of the idols gave while voting for their favorites!

Best Vocalist


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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mk1xgn7nqD1qz4rgp

A global edition spinoff of the widely popular ‘We Got Married’, get to see how the on-screen virtual marriage between idol celebrities from different countries work out through weekly missions and candid interviews.

Starring: Lee Hong-ki (K-pop group FT. Island), Fujii Mina (The King of Dramas), Ok Taecyeon (K-pop group 2pm), Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui).

Premieres 5 Apr, Every Fri 8.40pm/7.40...

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The music video for FT Island′s new Japanese singleYou Are My Life has been gathering popularity overseas in China.

On March 19, the band released the music video for its new single You Are My Life. As soon as it was released, the video managed to rise to the top of the Korean V Chart on Yinyuetai, the biggest music video site in China.

News and Info Tumblr_inline_mjzsf3dDFP1qz4rgp

You Are My Life is a ballad, which showcases...

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FT Island has confirmed it will set off on an arena tour in Japan in June.

The idol band held a large-scale fan meeting with 10,000 fans at Japan’s Tokyo International Forum Hall A on March 17. FT Island previewed its upcoming track You Are My Life for fans, heightening anticipation for the song, which is set to be released on March 27.

News and Info Tumblr_mjuendMPOL1rp3yueo3_500

Adapted tracks from its fourth studio album...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mjhon4pHk21qz4rgp

The CEO of the agency for CN Blue and FT Island told the world, that he actually wanted to be a famous singer when he was younger! The CEO Han Seong Ho made the interesting confession on the C channel’s show “Choi Il Do’s Healing Talk Recovery.”

Han Seong Ho stated, “At first I prepared an album with the producer Lee Kyung Seob, then Jo Sung Mo later joined the project and I debuted as a singer...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mjhkndw36P1qz4rgp

This summer FTISLAND will once again go on a nationwide arena tour in Japan.

On March 10th, FTISLAND held a fan meeting for their Primadonna fans in Osaka, dubbed as the “FTISLAND Official Fan Meeting 2013”. The event was exclusive to official fan members only, and even so was able to gather 4,800 people in...

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FT Island took over a DVD chart in Japan with a concert DVD for its concert in Korea.

The band′s 2012 Take FT Island in Seoul DVD managed to top Yamano Music′s weekly K-Pop DVD chart with sales from February 25 to March 3.

News and Info Tumblr_inline_mjc529vNjl1qz4rgp

Take FT Island was held in Seoul from September 1-2, 2012, and at the time made issues for drawing fans from Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland, Japan and other countries...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mj9yu2e7Am1qz4rgp

Jonghoon and Seungri hung out together to celebrate Jonghoon’s birthday!

The pair are extremely good friends, as they’ve even traveled to Bangkok, Thailand together. They further proved their friendship yet again on Jonghoon’s birthday. It looks like the two of them hung out on a rainy day together. According to Jonghoon, even though it was his birthday, it was Seungri who came out with a fancy...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mj93hiwMMx1qz4rgp

Super Junior have been the kings of physical album sales since 2010, but it’s hard to visualize that with just the numbers.

To help visualize the breakdown, a Korean netizen put together pie charts to see how each group did in sales. The pie charts were released in five categories with the first three charts breaking down the sales within the Big 3 companies: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment,...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mj6zbkxbfy1qz4rgp

FTIsland - # 15

Credits: B2STFINITEngSub
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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The cast of Summer Snow is having photo shooting for the posters in Korea today. The photos will be released later

Cr: SummerSnowKOREA
Via: Colorful Clouds
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mj6duqAJMG1qz4rgp

In total since he got into the hobby in 2011, Hongki’s revealed to have spent $50,000 on nail art alone and he’s considered a “genius in the nail industry” among nail designers.

1. [+219, -16] He’s really weird ㅡㅡ

2. [+155, -26] It makes me sick to my stomach to see kids like him call themselves a star and throw around money like that. What’s so difficult about being a celebrity...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mj5aj4TyeL1qz4rgp

Source: http://global.mnet.com/poll/video/vote.m?poll_seq=5&langCd=ENG
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mj4jl0k3kX1qz4rgp

2013 TAKE FTISLAND ASIA TOUR at BEIJING is scheduled as below.

- DATE : April 13, 2013 19:30
- VENUE : Beijing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium
- PRICE : 1580(Floor) / 1280 / 880 / 580 / 380 / 1500(880*2)
- TICKETING SITE : Yongle Ticket 4006 -228-228
- ONLINE BOOKING : http://www.228.com.cn/


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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mixte5IVeo1qz4rgp

Singer Jo Sung Mo, who is currently starring in the musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat‘, received love from the fans of fellow ‘Chocoball’ member F.T. Island‘sHongki.

Jo Sung Mo shared on his Twitter, “I unexpectedly received a flower basket. [It made me] perform an entertaining musical thanks to you all~^^ I thank Hongki’s fan cafe~ I’m sharing a snapshot with a thankful...

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2. JYJ
3. Super junior
4. SHINee
5. Bigbang
7. SS501
10. B2ST

Cr: Google
cc: Big family YG entertaiment
Via: Colorful Clouds
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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FT Island’s Seung Hyun will be coming to fans on stage as the main character of the musical Summer Snow in April.

Summer Snow is a musical reenactment of the Japanese drama of the same name, which aired in 2000.

Seung Hyun will be playing the character Jinha, who lives for the happiness of his family with overflowing love for the people around him. Jinha seems to be quite simple and aggressive, but is also full of humor and wit.

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mithrfWnKf1qz4rgp

Tracklist :
1. You Are My Life
2. Come Into My Dream
3. Beat It
4. You Are My Life (Instrumental)

News and Info Tumblr_inline_mithscAGgN1qz4rgp

First Limited A
Tracklist :
1. You Are My Life

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_miq7at9xu61qz4rgp
An 8-year-old drumming prodigy has rejected F.T. Island‘s recruitment offer.

On February 23rd’s airing of ‘Star King‘, drumming prodigy Jo Yun Sikshocked with his drumming skills and idol band F.T. Island could not hide their amazement.

The members of F.T. Island asked him, “How about joining our band as an honorary member?” To F.T. Island’s dismay and to the humor of others, Jo Yun...

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No.5 of the votings on which Jap/Korean celebrity suits long hair styles..

Lee Hongki is charismatic & is adventurous with his fashion styles.. when he debuted, he had a long hairstyle, for filming of...

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mimjz2rFw01qz4rgp

It turns out F.T. Island‘s Hongki was giving his fans a huge hint when he tweeted about international marriage.

Hongki will be pairing up with Japanese actress Fujii Mina for the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married‘, and the new on-screen couple have already filmed for the first episode.

Fujii Mina recently starred in SBS‘ ‘King of Drama‘. She’s reported to have decided to debut in...

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Lee Hongki will appear on MBC "We Got Married" international ver with Fujii Mina starting first week of April. A YouTube press conference to be shown worldwide is scheduled on 28 March. (source: No Cut News)

Via: WithTreasures
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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Asiana has disseminated wrong information. FTSIALND’s TAKE CONCERT in Beijing is not on 30 April, official information will be released soon.

SOURCE: Judy_CJ娱乐传媒 @ weibo (Beijing’s CJ E&M)
Via: FTMsia
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mik46wVR3K1qz4rgp

F.T. Island‘s Hongki has left his international fans’ hopes soaring with his latest tweet!

The idol revealed a selca above, making quite a statement with the letters on the hat, but it was his words that actually stole the show.

Hongki wrote, “International… Marriage… Should I try it”. If you’re just reading about this, many international fans have already beaten you to it, forming...

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Song Seunghyun starring as "Natsuo" together with Sungmin & Sungje in triple cast in musical "Summer Snow"

Credits: SummerSnowKOREA
Via: WithTreasures


"Summer Snow" performance dates:
4/8~4/19 Osaka (1800 seats, 15 shows);
5/27~6/16 Tokyo (1300 seats, 34 shows).

Credit: sy_0512sari
Via: FTLyrics
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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This is FNC ENT fanclub manager.

FTISLAND’s new homepage, which is now the integrated FNC official homepage, was originally planned to be unveiled on 6 February.
However, due to system development backup works, it will finally be opened on 21 February (Thursday).

** Due to the relocation of the homepage, it will not be possible to sign up at FTISLAND official homepage or the fanclub after 12pm (KST) on 20 February.
Members’ information on FTISLAND official homepage will be transferred to FNC official...

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Fan: Oppa, why don't you try keeping a dog as a pet?

Heechul: Dogs are cute, especially when you play with them and they run towards you happily. They are so cute that you would think of keeping one then. However, as Hongki and I live in the same building, and we often play together, we all know that Hongki has a cat and 3 dogs right? But he doesn't really tidy up the place, and with all these pets, it's really.. ha ha XD

Cr: 梦希_
Via: FtwPri_SoKyu
Trans: Colorful Clouds

Heechul: Hongki...

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My eyesight hadn't been good since childhood, my bad vision had brought a lot of inconvenience in my life. I started my career when I was very young and had no choice but to wear contact lenses. The bad effect of wearing them for a long time is my eyes would be very uncomfortable and they would get tired easily. Although I had long wanted to have Lasik done, but due to my hectic schedule, and the worries over the operation itself, I didn't go ahead with it. It was only after the recommendation from my friend who had Lasik, before I plucked up enough...

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We did it. We made it to the season finale of the The Romantic & Idol. We waited long enough for this moment, so let’s find out which idols made it out of the island a little less lonely.

News and Info 55361661

Before we find out the results of the final selection, we’re teased with cuts of the idols at the airport, taking off for Seoul following the final selection. We see Ye Won and Kevin standing in line together, before the camera...

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FTIsland #15

News and Info BC_QrqMCAAEKfNS

Credits: B1A4 孔燦植×攻燦×GongChan×공찬×點點滴滴
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info 51965-lee

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki melted the hearts of female fans with his new photo.

Earlier in the week, Lee Hong Ki posted on his Twitter, "My stomach hurts," along with the following photo.

In the revealed photo is Lee Hong Ki wearing a hat while looking at the camera. His small smile and deep eyes caught the eyes of the viewers.

Those who saw the photo commented "Why does your stomach hurt, don't be...

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2. Here




6. always


8. Distance

9. Endless Story

10. Beloved

cr: _tama_pri
re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info Tumblr_inline_mi421xM7EA1qz4rgp

This DVD includes the [TAKE FTISLAND] concert on 1-2/9/2012 and its special making film

[Track List]
1. Prologue
2. Intro
4. I'll Love Everything
5. That person in Shinsadong
7. Paper Plane
8. Compass (The Way)
9. Your Words
10. STAY
11. Severely
12. Love Love Love
13. Hello Hello

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Happy New Year, everyone!
Enjoy great happiness, we must always carry a smile on our faces!
That will be the best^.^
I love you, our dearies!

다들 새해복많이받고
행복하고 우리 늘 웃자
사랑한다 우리 아가들

Credits: http://t.co/N18Jcu8K + Colorful Clouds (English Translations)
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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HK: Primadonnas of Japan!

All: Good afternoon, we are FTISLAND!!!

HK: When we talk about the month of February..

JJ: In February..

HK: Valentines Day!

SH: Wow, time flies!

JJ: It's approaching, it's approaching!

HK: At a time when there isn't any girlfriend, Valentines Day approaches..

JJ: Aren't Pris our girlfriends?

HK: Not girlfriends, they are friends.

(Hongki, Pris are devastated!!! Can you hear the sound of millions of hearts breaking...

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News and Info BCpTr9aCEAEQoH-

Via: FTMsia
Re-post: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info Tumblr_mhxw7chmSF1rp3yueo1_500

Credits: hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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Performance Day: March 16th,2013
Gate open : 5PM
Period time : 4 Hours
Venue : Rajamangala National Stadium

MC : NichKhun (2PM) , Minho (SHINee), Suzy (Miss A), Jokwon (2AM) and Jiyeon (T-ARA)

Confirmed!! 21 Artist (No further changes!)

BoysBand: 13 Teams

2. SHinee
5. Exo K
6. Mblaq
7. Infinite
9. B.A.P
10.FT Island
11. NU’EST
12. Airplane
13. B1A4

GirlsBand: 8 Teams

1. 4Minute
2. Sistar
3. Secret
4. T-ARA

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News and Info BCkGJInCUAA0-ND

Credits: Lunatico_che
Via: FTLyrics@twitter + hongstarpat@ftislandphilippines

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News and Info BCi_u6pCcAANY5i

[News] 130209 Jonghoon @ Comedy Big League 안영미, '코빅'서 김꽃두레 부활..FT아일랜드와 사탕키스 http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109539772 … pic.twitter.com/nc8grHCV


The article says that Jonghun had 'candy kiss' with a female comedian Ahn Youngmi when she passed him a lollipop she was eating during their skit on stage and JH reluctantly ate causing the audience to burst out in laughter.

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FTISLAND's Seoul concert "TAKE FTISLAND" will be releasing a DVD on 27 Feb 2013. More details at ftisland.jp

Source: fncmusicjapan @ twitter
Via: WithTreasures@twitter + hongstarpat@FTIslandPhilippines

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News and Info Fclg

Credits: Jonghoon's twitter ---> @FtGtJH
Re-up: hongstarpat @ FTIsland Philippines

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130203 tvN The Romantic & Idol 9pm~10pm

130209 SBS New Year Special Starking (JH,JJ,MH,SH) 6.20pm~8pm
130209 tvN Comedy Big League ep.19 (JH,MH) 9pm~10.30pm

130210 tvN The Romantic & Idol 9pm~10pm

130211 MBC New Year Special Idol Star Athletics Championship 5pm (JH,JJ,MH,SH)

Source: ftisland.com + tvN + SBS
Via: FTMsia
Re-post: hongstarpat @ FTIsland Philippines

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News and Info 541394_557375234280269_1626320653_n

Via: FTMsia
Re-up: hongstarpat @ FTIsland Philippines

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News and Info 20120411_hongki_1

FTISLAND's Lee Hongki is focusing all of his attention on studying for his midterms.

The singer who is a Communication & Information major at Kyunghee University recently wrapped up promotions for “Severely” with his group, and is in complete study mode.

Originally a Post-Modern Music Major, Hongki found it difficult to juggle both his busy work schedule and school, but has now transfered and will be devoting himself to his studies for the time being.

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FTISLAND and fan group Primadonna heartwarming love for others is been realized.

News and Info 02_108733

Yesterday, December 2 member Lee Hong Gi posted in his twitter account, "FT and Primadonna were together building the children library. I have to contribute.It's been difficult for FT and Primadonna for the name of the country, please join us to make the library. I think we can make a great library".

Together with the Hunger task force done the Project. As the slogan of FT and the fans said "FTISLAND...

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