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News and Info 198fc7f3f6534593a72323ef94d61101_54-4

Band Idol FTISLAND released third album "So Today" which was released last November 17th got ranked no.6 at the
Oricon Chart.

FnC Music then said last November 18th "the FTISLAND single entry Japanese album got in the top 10 even after the announcement and it is been hitting the music market"

Last November 17, they've been one of the most popular singers in Japan, especially that they got the No. 6 spot even though it was only a day-old album. At...

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News and Info 20101122_1290416870_51211800_1

FTISLAND live concert that was held in Japan got a lot of attention and that it a gathered a lot of audience.

FTISLAND held a live promotion for their album Boom Boom Boom and I change for you last November 20 and 21 at Osaka and Tokyo and thousands of fans watch to that performance.

FTISLAND three albums had been active in the Oricon Chart and since the debut of the third album the song is currently on the top 10 of the said chart which emphasis on it's musicality.

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Super Junior, Shinee, FTISLAND, U-Kiss, Children's Empire, Supernova, LPG, Co-Ed, Eight, and Trax gathered in Cheonan Stadium.

News and Info 2010103044484128

MBC "Enjoy Today" (below "ojeul") with the seven member (Shin Hyung Jun, Cheong JunHu,Kim HyunCheol, Kim SeingJu, Jeong Hyeong Don, Seo JiSeok, Eeteuk) so as the national marathon Player Lee BongJu,held a marathon competition at Cheonan.

In that day, idols are the players in the said event, where there are 42 people who attended.


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FTISLAND, Images of 'Love,LOve,LOve' grief tears released

An attractive pictorial of the group FTISLAND is released

News and Info 95548

SBS TV "InKiGaYO" magazine, released its October cover story, emblimeshed with the talk of FTISLAND about music and love, a man who expressed grief tears because of separation is also captured in the pictorial.

During the photoshoot they impressed the staff with their delicate expression of sad emotion. The more surprising is...

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Japan major debut plus the successful with a spectacular comeback in their own nation, Korea, where they got an "all kill" in every music site and music program, now FTISLAND emerge a new wave where they become Number 1 in Taiwan in both album and music charts.

News and Info 12882693645288

In the latest Taiwan's YouMeong Music Chart, G-Music and Five Music, album "Beautiful Journey" ranked number 1 in two consecutive weeks. From October 15 - October 26 FTISLAND also took place the the mobile chart popularity where...

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News and Info Coming201010281158220

FTISLAND Lee Hong Gi who is the leader* of the group in the pilot episode of "Oh! My school" is a disappointed on the agency where he is in.

Lee Hong Gi and CNBLUE who is working in the same company with a concept of "Idol Rock Band".

Lee Hong said bitterly that "at first the company experienced so many mistakes and failures with FTISLAND right now they are giving more support and good stuff to CNBLUE. FTISLAND is CNBLUE's "experiment group". where then the audience roar.

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News and Info 2010102901715_0

FTISLAND Leader Choi Jong Hun show off his superior beauty.

Today October 29 Choi Jong Hun revealed a picture himself as a cute dandy man in twitter.

In the picture of Choi Jong Hun wears a sunglasses where he pointed at it and an overall black with a stripe scarf as his style concept in the picture.

Jong Hun at his picture builds up a chic look especially when he pointed his finger at the sunglasses and where he reffered himself as "Cutie".


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"JongHun Smile VS Chic Hong Gi"

News and Info 101031_4cccbd97e06ad

What is the look of the Group FTISLAND waiting room look like? Then the self camera is the one who could answer. Members are gathered in the waiting room and busy taking their great looks using their phones. It seems that self camera is soothing for the tedious waiting time.

Each one has it's own expression. Team Leader Choi Jong Hun drew a cool smile and a V sign. The handsome Band Members cool look is seen. While the...

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Lee Hong Gi's confession about why he love's to wear legging often.

News and Info 05_91790

Last October 4 at KBS2 TV show 'Happy Birthday' Lee Hong Gi makes his stands on the men who like to wear women's attire.

Lee Hong Gi said "I wear short pants but I often wear girls' leggings"

Women also like to have a military look. He said that he doesn't like wearing short pants especially cargo pants. Lee Su Geung said "it is really hard to really wear women attire" where everyone laugh.


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Last October 15 KyeongHee University held the '2010 KyeongHee Peace Concert' under the theme sharing and serving where superstars set a georgeos stage.

MBC ChunCheon announcer Lee Seung Hyun and Film actor Im JeongEun emceed the said event, KyeongHee University then held a video screening with a promise of
leading the future, where not only the stars are the performing but also students.

At that day Superstarts singers Kim TaeWoo, Son DamBi, Tiara, FTIsland, Eleven Medical Sound Scene, Looking at guys qualification, and from last year artist K are present which made the...

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CNBLUE and FTISLAND will soon be expanding their music career in UK, the country considered as the world’s ‘home of bands’CNBLUE and FTISLAND are preparing a concert in UK and France early next year. As most music enthusiasts acknowledge, UK is the home of band music having cultivated world-class acts such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Blur and Muse. Since the recent wave of K-pop is focused on dance music, it will be meaningful that bands, such as CNBLUE and FTISLAND, are now also expanding into the European music market.

This international opportunity is realized through...

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News and Info 20111020_1319087671_26764200_1

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki recently shot SBS’s Star King.

In the episode of the show, which will air on the 22nd, Hwang Ui Sang appeared and showed off his talent. He crushed three huge water bottles with his mouth by breathing in.

FT Island members were very surprised. Lee was curious and he attempted to do the same thing.

Since Lee is a talented vocalist, he was confident about his lung capacity. But when he tried to crush the bottle, his lips swelled up.

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News and Info 328-272x1024

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki sang “Confession” and Lim Jae Bum complimented him.

Lee Hong Ki stood up on the performance stage at UC Berkeley with the music expedition of Gone with the Wind of MBC TV, aired on the 16th.

He was complimented by the guests and staffs as a good vocalist but got cold feet in front of Lim Jae Bum. So Lim Jae Bum called Lee Hong Ki separately and advised him, “I can see you are afraid of getting scolded. But a singer shouldn’t be like that. You should...

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News and Info 20111016_1318754151_61159600_1-272x1024

Lim Jae Beom accepted Lee Hong Ki as a son.

Lee Hong Ki appeared on Saddle The Wind as a special guest on 16th and performed together for five days.

Lee Hong Ki and Lim Jae Beom went sea fishing. They presented a rather awkward appearance but Lim Jae Beom was beginning to ask him a question. “How old are you?”

Lee Hong Ki answered, “I’m twenty so you are thirty eight years older than I am.” “Am I sixty?” Lim Jae Beom burst out.

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Japanese Limited Edition

Labelled: Warner Music Japan
Release country: Japan
Manufacturer Part No. WPCL-11004 WPCL-11004
Item Number: KM0199408309235 KM0199408309235
Release Date: November 30, 2011
News and Info Distan10

Limited Edition A: Single CD + DVD

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Oct.15 Interview of President Han of FNC.
President Han of FNC Music: Next year we may release family album or joint concert.
Oct.15 Interview of President Han of FNC.

News and Info Tumblr11

I saw many dance singers debut after many years of dance training.
I thought if they were trained musical instruments in that period, they could be band as well.

Lee Hongki has appealing voice, Jung Yonghwa has modern feel, groovy.
FT island has melodical sound, CNBLUE is trendy.

There has been demend of band music always....

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10 October 2011
- SBS Star King Recording (Hongki, Minhwan, Seunghyun)

13 October 2011
- FTIsland First Comeback stage for "Like Birds" in Mnet M! Countdown at 6 PM (KST)

14 October 2011
- 2011 Food Aid Food for the Hungry campaign, STOP HUNGER: Charity Concert (FTIsland) at 7:30 pm (KST) / Seoul seongrak Holiness Church parish
- FTIsland Comeback Stage in KBS Music Bank at 6:05 pm (KST)

15 October 2011
- FTIsland comeback in MBC Music Core at 4:05...

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Members decided to play card game called “Fura (which is like “seven bridge”)”. Everyone’s eyes were becoming serious as they watched HongKi shuffled the cards skillfully, because the game needs “minds”. After HongKi dealing the cards, “Hyung, my cards aren’t that good!” complained MinHwan. He is the youngest but has a good reputation these days that he became “man” recently!

“If someone does not turn to you (*is not interested in FT), just call him/her to our live” by JongHoon

Choi JongHoon. Birth Day:7th Maret 1990. Blood Type: A Part: Guitar & Keyboard....

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[Jaejin says "Hi" - The Story] LOL! cc @onyumin @quoteme90 @dayslaelia @PrimaQueen @adikkeluangman @ednamod66 @kuehkoci

It was a very random and epic night for me and the other friends!! All of us was so hungry and a friend of mine went up to the restaurant to see what's for dinner and she called me up. I was still waiting down chatting with other friends. Soon after, we went up to the restaurant and saw FTI was there, having dinner with the manager and staffs, and of course, bodyguards was there too. We dont want to disturb them, and so just do our own things.


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i lived my fangirl dream last night!!!!

one of my dream came true!!!

i went to korean music wave malaysia last night..ft island was first to perform..they performed 5 songs..hello2x, love3x, bad woman, bing3x, i hope

a lot of PRIS attended the concert..i saw huge FT ISLAND Pentasticks everywhere..

Hongki’s voice is 1000x better live..i died when he sang bad woman with so much emotions and intensity..THAT’S OUR HONGKI!! SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!!!his voice is priceless..hongki danced cutely during bing3x..still so energetic though he’s dead tired..28 hours in...

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[FANACCOUNT] Hongki Filming Day 2


i found out hongki was 5 minutes away from where i live so i ditched my class and went to the location. they were getting ready to film but i didnt wanna lurk around so i walked around and by the time i got back around, they were already filming so I stayed a bit far away like 30 feet and watched him. At this point he was really bouncy and hyper and he seems really close with the other people. He said something and got SO embarrassed he collapsed on the grass (it was in a park) in embarrassment and stayed lying down on the grass...

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It’s only one month away from the F1 Korea Grand Prix and this year, the F1 Korea Grand Prix will be held for 3 days from October 14th to 16th at the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam.

Before the opening ceremony, the ticketing war is already going on since the tickets this year are priced 30% lower than the previous year, while another 20% can be saved through other redemptions
In order to create a grand atmosphere for the event, various events have been prepared, such as a large-scale Kpop concert, which will be held on October 15th as a event on the eve of the grand...

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FNC Music, in charge of discovering and training top Korean bands FTIsland and CNBLUE, is getting ready to launch a female group.

The news came through a press release by FNC on Thursday although it did not reveal any details to the group other than the fact that they are "composed of the best female trainees who have prepared for their debut for a long time."

The statement also added that the agency cannot announce whether the new group will be in the form of a dance group or rock band, a point of interest to the music industry since FNC so far has been successful...

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Seunghyun : In the past, there are full of yippee voice at the concert, but especially this time, I could see that the audience are coming to the concert with full of expectation to our music. When I heard the cheering voice of the audience at Budokan, also the live at ZEPPs, I received the response from the audience that we really did perform our live concert as a band.

Minhwan : The impression and remarks of the concert toward our music is increasing, so that we could feel that we are accepted by the audience as a band. Also our staffs told us that “You guys are a...

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Korean rock band FT Island is expected to make their comeback to the local music scene this fall, according to their agency, FNC Music.

A PR Official with FNC told 10 Asia over the phone on Wednesday that FT Island is currently working on a new album and most likely make their comeback 'before the winter'."

"We are still discussing on its format and official date of their upcoming release," she explained, adding that they are also in the proccess of finalizing the dates of FT Island's concert tour in Asia.

Composed of members, Lee Hongki, Song Seunghyun,...

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FTISLAND Mission in positive!? 021

You might wish having a Korean friends because of FTISLAND!
So, this month members are going to lecture you “useful Korean words” to you!

In memory of Korean Best Album release,
Tell us about the useful Korean words!

Korean Best Album is going to be released during this month, we shall start learning Korean language from now on. We invited FT members as our lecturer and been lectured useful Korean words in daily life!

Firstable, Professor SeungHyun would you tell us the word when we want to be friend...

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Recently, KBS aired a mini-drama called ‘Noriko Goes to Seoul‘, which tells the story of a Japanese middle-aged woman trying out for a Korean idol audition after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Aired as a Chuseok special, the drama has been drawing strong praise thanks to Lee Hongki‘s acting. The F.T. Island member plays the role of ‘Min Ha’, a teenager who befriends the main character (played by Takashima Reiko).

Viewers were impressed by Lee Hongki’s performance, as they pointed out his excellent dialogue delivery and smooth acting. “I didn’t know that Lee Hongki was so...

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[COMPLETE] 100 Q & A In B-PASS Magazine September 2011 Issue
Q1.What's your hobby these days?Or your special ability?

JJ:watching dreamas
MH:play game on ipad with members
SH:weight training

Q2.What do you wear when you sleep?

JH:under wear
HK:under wear
JJ:under wear only
MH:underpants only
SH:relaxing half-pants and T-shirts

Q3.Do you wake up easily?(can wake up as soon as the alarm clock rings)And what is the first thing you do after wake up?

JH:normal/drink water

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NOTE: The organiser of the concert arranged two competitions on the internet which allows us to win the chance of meeting up with FT island at the "Meet and Greet" FT Island Meet and Greet recount Only about ten oeople had the backstage pass to meet them at the backstage. We were splitted into 4 people per group as we enter. When one group enters, the next group was allocated to wait at a corner.

As it was in a temporary tent, the place is very small. While waiting at the corner, it is possivle to see what is happening inside. When we enter and saw them, we were too overwhelmed,...

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As everyone knows, FT Island came and rocked with Canada for a charity event to aid Japanese relief efforts. Since I’m a huge unofficial Primadonna, I jumped on the chance to be able to cover this event for Kirin Radio, even though I live almost on the other side of the USA from where the event was held.

During this event, I came to realize that Concert for Japan was, even though the attendance fell short, overall extremely well organized and properly staffed for such a large scale event. There was a lot of security around the entire venue, especially covering all the special...

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